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Family Law

Family Law

We provide prompt, personalised and honest advice in some of the most emotional and difficult times for our clients.

  • Divorce and Separation: Strong, strategic and knowledgeable support when you need it most. Not all separations are hostile, but they all involve difficult decision processes, and our experience in achieving a fair and swift resolution for our clients has proven invaluable in helping them through what is often a very uncertain period in their lives. Wherever possible we try to keep matters out of the court by promoting processes such as mediation.
  • Parenting arrangements: We work closely with our clients to avoid lengthy and hostile disputes, especially when it comes to matters involving children. We are experienced in negotiating care arrangements and child support matters, handling paternity challenges and advising in relation to mediation and contravention proceedings.
  • Binding Financial Agreements (Pre-Nuptial Agreement): We work closely with our clients to provide an honest assessment of their position. A Binding Financial Agreement is an important document that protects your asset position in the event you separate. That’s why it needs to be done properly.
  • Property: We will help you to reach a resolution about a fair division of assets in a quick and cost effective manner. This often includes drafting Consent Orders to ensure any agreement reached remains binding and enforceable into the future.

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Daniel Myers
Principal Solicitor/ Mediator

Daniel heads up the firm’s family law practice. Having grown up in Manchester, Daniel has ...