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What is an Executor?

Who would you trust to administer your affairs upon your death? 

R.B. Flinders as Executor

The complete burden-free solution for all estates and beneficiaries.

Executor Assist

A helping hand, for when you want your family to be involved, but experienced guidance would be appreciated

Who you appoint as your executor should not be a decision made lightly. Depending on your estate, the role can be cumbersome and an unwelcome burden during a time of grief.

What is an Executor?

An executor is a person you appoint in your Will to carry out your wishes and terms of your Will, after your death. It is a very involved role, calling in all of your financial and personal affairs, attending to debt payment, funeral arrangements and distribution of residual estate funds per the terms of your Will. Often there are more than one named executor in a Will, or a professional executor named, to allow for the resignation of someone who was otherwise named, but cannot commit to the time and effort of administering a deceased estate.

R.B. Flinders as Executor

Our first recommendation is to appoint a professional executor to the role, such as one of the Principals of R.B. Flinders, who are well versed in the requirements and obligations of executorship, no matter how complex the estate.

Appointment of a professional executor allows for an independent party to administer your estate, which can be beneficial for turbulent families, dealing with disgruntled or estranged family members and managing special requests, without subjective influences coming into play at such an emotional time. It is also particularly beneficial for those who just don’t want to burden their family with such an arduous task.

Executor Assist

We understand that many families like to be included in the estate administration process, particularly where there were close relationships between the deceased and the beneficiaries. We can facilitate this, extending our knowledgeable guidance, with our Executor Assist product which is a formal appointment assisting named executors in their role, when things get too complicated.

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