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Keeping up with your rights and responsibilities as an employer or employee is incredibly difficult in Australia, with ever changing workplace legislation. Employment law compliance works better for all with a preventative approach.

Almost every business in Australia will face an employment law issue at least once a year. The laws are complex and vary between states, between enterprise sizes and between industries, with Awards and Unions weighing in for good measure. It’s imperative that employers and employees stay updated about their rights and responsibilities.

  • Executive Agreements: Prevention is key. A well drafted Executive Agreement has the ability to future-proof the relationship with key employees, with the potential to avoid disputes arising from ambiguity around terms of employment, entitlements and responsibilities and post termination obligations.
  • Terminations: One of the most litigated areas of employment law, controlling the process of redundancy, performance management and resignations requires expert advice. In order to avoid unfair dismissal claims, issues relating to intellectual property ownership and abuse and toxic employee relationships, careful consideration should be given to the employee management process.
  • WorkCover claims: Providing a safe working environment is paramount, so knowing your rights and responsibilities is crucial in avoiding expensive and protracted claims.
  • Dispute Resolution: Employment law disputes are often unavoidable. Disgruntled employees can be damaging to business well before a matter reaches litigation. Our employment law team pride themselves on their pragmatic approach to dispute resolution, and work with our clients to find workable solutions early, before a matter reaches litigation.

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