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New Year Goal Setting - a family law special

Tanya Lavan shares her five top new year goal setting tips, which are particularly applicable to those enduring a family law separation

The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals for the future. It’s also the highest separation month of the year. Here are a few ideas for asset protection and future financial goals.

  1. Financial settlement - this can include property, maintenance for you and child support for the children. It’s worth finding out what you are entitled to now.
  2. Financial security - once you have your settlement get it documented and drafted so your ex can’t have another bite at the cherry. You may also benefit from speaking with a financial advisor about the best way to invest your settlement in terms of home, investment property, shares and super to make the most out of it. I refer to Billy Norman at Lowe Lippmann Trakman.
  3. Insurance policy - get a financial agreement if you are giving your children money, if you inherit, if you are buying a house with somebody or if somebody is moving into your house. It’s the best insurance policy to make sure everybody knows what will happen if a separation occurs, it removes anxiety and one cause of argument.
  4. Budget - get yourself a budget and start building for the future. The Barefoot Investor and She’s On The Money have great budget tools and I recommend them to all my clients.
  5. Independence - Consent Order, Financial Agreement and or Child Support Agreements are documents that can particularise finances between you and your ex partner and provide you with the independence and certainty to move forward.

To discuss these and other goals you may like to set, contact Tanya Lavan for a confidential conversation about your circumstances.

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About the author

Tanya Lavan
Principal Solicitor - Family Law

Tanya heads up the firm's family law practice along with Daniel Myers. Originally from New Zealand, Tanya completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce and Administration before moving to Melbourne in 2007. Being able to practice in both jurisdictions has resulted in the conduct of a number of international relocation matters to New Zealand.

Tanya has focussed on Family Law sinc...

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