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Merger & Acquisition Series: Structuring an M&A deal in Australia - Step 1.5: M&A process and timeline - a high level overview of the M&A process

Over the coming weeks, the Business and Enterprise Team will take you through the process for structuring an M&A transaction in the Australian marketplace.

This next blog is a “.5” in that, a lot of the time, lawyers are required to provide managerial services to M&A deals. Understanding the timeframe for an M&A process is significantly important, particularly from the outset, you need to understand what it involves, and where the pitfalls arise.

Outlined below is a high-level process of the distinct stages required in an M&A process, and subsequently what the next blog posts in the series will cover:

Legal Timeline

The above timeframe is an indication only of the timeframe for a typical M&A deal. Nevertheless, there are aspects to the above that can be streamlined or omitted altogether when administering an M&A deal.

We would be happy to consult you through this and tailor the right timeframe for your business.

Commercial Timeline

We also hold a strong knowledge and capability with regards to the focus areas for an M&A process from a commercial perspective.

Next steps

We take a commercial approach to our transactions. We provide a hands-on methodology to our deals with our clients.

If you are looking to sell your business, get advice from R.B. Flinders about the timeline with which a sale like yours will take and whether it will disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business.

The above timeline is only an indication, and can be amended and tailored to your business scenario.

Come have an initial consultation with Simon Lenton or Theo Argyrakakis and we can assist you with your immediate next steps.

Who we are

R.B. Flinders’ Business and Enterprise Team predominantly represents founders of businesses who are looking to capital raise or alternatively sell-down from their business.

We know that no deal is the same and that no client is the same. For that reason, we get to know our clients at a personal level and take a pragmatic approach in our dealings with them.

We offer a wide-variety of services that assist our founder going forward, including assisting in their estate planning affairs as well as restructuring their property portfolio for a more advantageous tax position.

We provide ‘health checks’ for our client’s corporate and commercial matters. Please get in touch with Simon Lenton or Theo Argyrakakis today for a free initial consultation.

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