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  • Turn complexity into clarity

    Buying? Selling? Financing? Can your transaction be explained on one page? Contact us now for your easy to understand solution.

  • Experts on your side

    Comprehensive advice from lawyers with tangible personal experience at the coal face of building and development transactions.

  • There is a way

    Pragmatic, unyielding and efficient. Our experienced team are focussed on the right outcome for you, always mindful of your immediate and potential circumstances.

  • Support in crisis

    Steadfast support for those struggling to find a resolution. We listen. We Act. Family Matters.

  • Employment

    Employment law compliance works better for all with a preventative approach.

  • Forward-thinking legal solutions

    Next-Gen lawyers for the Next Generation of entrepreneurs, business builders and global citizens – You!

  • The Estate Planning Experts

    Efficient estate planning is a very personal process of not only making arrangements for your assets and affairs after your death, but tailoring a solution to ensure your beneficiaries inherit in the most tax effective and asset protective way possible.

  • Business

    A core part of our practice, our business and enterprise team are experienced in all aspects of business operation, finance and transaction matters.

  • Property

    Navigating a successful property transaction can be difficult and risky if undertaken by the unexperienced. Outcomes of failed developments, building disputes and even conveyancing transactions can be costly. Deal with an expert.

  • Dispute Resolution

    We have a large dispute resolution team, with in-depth experience across a number of areas of law, all with the same objective – to achieve a swift, advantageous resolution for our client, in the most cost effective manner possible.

  • Family Law

    We provide prompt, personalised and honest advice in some of the most emotional and difficult times for our clients.

  • Employment

    Keeping up with your rights and responsibilities as an employer or employee is incredibly difficult in Australia, with ever changing workplace legislation. Employment law compliance works better for all with a preventative approach.

  • Next Gen

    We’ve tailored specific service packages and paired them with our next generation of lawyers, to deliver a unique solution targeted to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, with attractive fixed package pricing.

  • Professional solutions

    A poorly drafted will is often the downfall of many deceased estates, choose quality that will stand the test of time.

    Updating is easy

    A quick review is all it takes to ensure your estate plan is still relevant – chances are, it’s not.

    Complexity made simple

    Testamentary Trusts are one of the most misunderstood estate planning tools. Learn how one might benefit your circumstances.

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  • Trusts

    Everything you need to know about the benefits of Testamentary Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts and Special Needs Trusts.

    Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

    With streamlined establishment and maintenance requirements, it’s never been easier to be in control of your future.

    Buy/Sell Agreements

    Not your typical estate planning tool – but essential for anyone who owns or operates a business.

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  • Medical Treatment Decision Maker

    Appointing a medical treatment decision maker to carry out your wishes and make important decisions regarding your medical treatment.

    Financial and/or Personal

    Authorising another person (or people) to make legal, financial and lifestyle decisions on your behalf, which may or may not be restricted by you.

    General Non-Enduring Power of Attorney

    Appointing another person to act on your behalf for a specific purpose only, such as selling your house for a certain price.


    Designed to promote the rights of people with disability (although anyone may use them), this document appoints someone to support you in making and giving effect to your decisions.

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  • What is an Executor?

    Who would you trust to administer your affairs upon your death? 

    R.B. Flinders as Executor

    The complete burden-free solution for all estates and beneficiaries.

    Executor Assist

    A helping hand, for when you want your family to be involved, but experienced guidance would be appreciated

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  • Have you been left out of a Will?

    Have you been adequately provided for?

    Is someone challenging your claim to a deceased estate?

    Have you been the primary carer for elderly parents, only to receive an equal share as your siblings?

    Do you believe you were entitled to benefit from a deceased estate?

    Does your Will give reasoning for excluding someone?

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  • Sometimes, starting the conversation is the hardest part of estate planning. R.B. Flinders has compiled a short list of conversation starters to help identify your estate planning needs, and engage your family and close friends (should you wish) in your estate planning journey.

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Intergenerational wealth transfer

A majority of family businesses fail due to intergenerational transfer issues. Let us help you prepare the next generation for their reign.

Finance/wealth creation

All businesses have funding requirements, we can facilitate venture capital and growth capital via a number of avenues including private equity, senior debt funding and alternative/mezzanine funding.

Asset protection

Assessing your risk profile and asset ownership structure is crucial in protecting your position. Talk to our business team about protecting your wealth.

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Practical experience

Our team have valuable front line experience in property development, bringing a degree of foresight and strategy to your project.

Commercial outcomes

Managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders is no easy task. We’ve been there and can help manage your next project.

Dispute resolution

Disputes in property deals are sometimes inevitable. Defending and initiating a Builder, Developer or Consultant claim requires prompt and skilled attention. Speak to our experts now.

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Dealing with the real

Our pragmatic approach to dispute resolution cuts to the heart of the issue sooner, arriving at a suitable solution faster.

Solutions, not questions

You come to us for answers, not a list of options. Our advice is straightforward, and we aren’t afraid to take a view.

Greater certainty on costs

Financing dispute resolution usually adds to the stress. We’ve taken away the uncertainty with clear engagement terms, and in some circumstances, fixed rates and possible fee funding solutions.

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Plan ahead

No one starts a relationship to fail, but having the right documentation from the start will save a lot of heartache should things go pear shaped.

Avoid delays

Dragging out family law proceedings, especially if they involve children, won’t help anyone. Speak with us about reaching a swift and fair resolution sooner.

Protect your position

Identifying matrimonial assets and protecting your position is our key focus. Speak to us about our strategic solutions now.

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Prevention is key

Get the right advice and robust documentation from the start, and avoid potential disputes down the track.

Know your obligations

Equally important to your rights, knowing your legal obligations can save you a lot of time and money in the right circumstances.

Know your position

Don’t waste your money pursuing/defending a claim until you know all your rights and entitlements. Speak to us and avoid having your claim dismissed.

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Cost effective alternatives

Our robust “starter-pack” products have a broad range of legal issues covered, with “bolt-on” options for each pack.

Start-up focussed

Specific solutions for start-ups including “Get Funded!”, “Company Registration” and “Online Business Start Up”.

Full service backed

All packs can be coupled with more in-depth advice and tailoring in accordance with our usual service terms.

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  • 41%*
    of Australians don’t have a valid Will (*(2015) Having the Last Word? Will making and contestation in Australia. The University of Queensland)
  • 19 weeks*
    to resolve a building dispute in VCAT – talk to us about dispute prevention (*VCAT list performance Sept 2016)
  • 0%*
    of Wills made pre-marriage are still valid after marriage (*exception for Wills made in contemplation of marriage)
  • 8%*
    Successful Fair Work Australia applications with compensation/reinstatement (*Fair Work Commission Unfair dismissals report Jan–Mar 2016)
  • 90%*
    of 18-29y Australians don’t have a valid Will (2015: Will-making prevalence and patterns in Australia: Keeping it in the family. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 50(3), pp. 319-338)
  • 61%*
    of Victorian estate challenges relate to inadequate provision for family (*2015 UNSW Law Journal, 38(3) pp.894)
  • 60%*
    of Victorian estates challenged are valued over $1m (*2015 UNSW Law Journal, 38(3) pp.895)

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